House Management System

 Property Management Essay

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House agent, land agent, real estate agent, real estate broker and Home Management System – eProperty

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Property Management System Benefits9

Scope and Features10

Master Modules10

Transaction Modules11

Search / Query Module12

Out of Scope13

Goal and objective14

Solution Concept14

User Profiles15

Problem Statement16

Requirements Summary16

Business Requirements16

User Requirements16

Operational Requirements17

System Requirements17

System Architecture18

High Level Option Architecture18

Info Flow and Process Flow Chart19

Utilization Summary20

Application and Equipment Requirement21

Standard Requirement for Server/Client: 21

Development Tools and Technologies21

Creation Tools and Technologies22

VB 622

SQL Server22

Style Goals and Constraints23









System Requirement and Specification SRS24

Data Dictionary26

Table: appointment26

Table: clientmaster26

Table: detailsend27

Table: incomingphone28

Table: keywords28

Table: otgoingphone29

Table: offeracceptanceletter29

Table: offerletter30

Table: propertymaster30

Table: pwd31

Table: solicitormaster32

Table: user32

Table: vendormaster33

Property Management System– Data Schema SER Diagram34

Info Flow Diagram and Celebration Table35

Function Table35

DFD Context Diagram35

DFD Level 0 Diagram36

DFD Level 1 Plan (Match Real estate with Client)36

DFD Level 1 Plan (Match Property with Client)37

DFD Level 2 Plan (Client Registration)37

DFD Level 2 Plan (Client Registration)38

DFD Level 3 Picture (Vendor Delivery)39

DFD Level 4 Picture (Property Registration)40

Screen Shot and Coding41

Splash Screen41


Primary Screen44

Non commercial Property51

Commercial Property72

Floors Plan93

Home Images95

Seller Registration99

Customer Registration119

Property History142

Search Builder154

Meet Property164

Provide Letter177


Property Thumbnail193

Property Management Test Plan197


Check Scope197

Test Strategy197


Test Priorities198

Test Techniques198

Test Organization199

Roles and Responsibilities199


Test Environment199

Hardware and Software199

Assessment Automation Software200



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