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 Master of Arts Essay

E-Marketing: A brand new approach to the modern economy

Jonika Kromidha

Stavroula Krypotou

Division of Organization Administration

PgD/MSc in Foreign Marketing

two hundred fifty, P. Ralli & Thivon, 12244 Aigaleo

E-mail: [email protected] com

E-mail: [email protected] com


With an increase of globalization of the world economies, for many enterprises market opportunities seem to be endless. Leaving behind from the traditional marketing, progressive managers are searching for unique ways to compete better on a community, regional and global basis. This is getting shaped by simply advances in digital phone networks, online cable television, online services, pcs and Internet. These technological advances undoubtedly change the face of marketing. Their attributes could possibly be utilized for an effective marketing existence, serving the audience and reflecting the companies' strategies. The fundamentally diverse environment pertaining to marketing, it is provided by Internet, requires different approach. Organizations find a growing number of important to represent themselves online to get more customer, to increase the public's awareness of the companies and their products, also to sell more of their products. Used properly, Internet and electric marketing may be powerful supply of competitive benefits in global markets at the same time interactive technology will have get a mainstream component of shopping for most consumers.

The paper proves that electronic digital marketing is becoming an accepted component to marketing idea, it should be seen as an valuable and complementary application, and managers should take hold of new technology to be able to create increased value for customers. Marketers have to evaluate their electronic giving regularly in order to ensure that this meets consumer needs and utilizes technology to the greatest effect. Electronic digital marketing would not yet have the potential to replace traditional marketing.

This kind of presentation provides a resource for anyone enthusiastic about e-marketing, and may help to activate not only the eye in the place but as well to be the basic for upcoming research of effects that e-marketing is wearing e-users.

1 ) Introduction

Though electronic trade can adopt the execution of orders using any electronic multimedia, the literature refers only to Internet or web marketing. According to Harridge-March (2004) in the event mobile phones, digital TELEVISION are to be applied as equipment with which to gain access to the Internet, the word " Net marketing” is definitely not so correct, and the term " fun marketing” or perhaps " electronic digital marketing” is far more appropriate.

" E-marketing is definitely the use of electronic digital data and applications pertaining to planning and executing the conception, division, promotion, and pricing of ideas, products, and solutions to create exchanges that fulfill individual and organizational objectives. It influences traditional marketing by raising efficiency in traditional marketing functions, as well as the technology of e-marketing converts many marketing strategies” (Strauss and Ice, 2001).

Many papers have been written, which include those devoted to the use of e-marketing in purchase and repayment completion, individualized and real-time pricing problems, disintermediation, info mining and manipulation, reviewing individual consumer behaviors, and relationship-building and a few of them have gone as far as suggesting that there is a brand new marketing paradigm for electronic commerce (Hoffman and Novak, 1997).

Sur le web as a most current type of advertising has been regarded as in an attempt to examine it, making use of the familiar seven Ps of promotion, value, product, place, process, physical evidence and folks (Booms and Bitner, 1981) and its potential contribution for the marketing practice.


installment payments on your E-marketing

installment payments on your 1 . Features of e-marketing

E-marketing is similar to traditional advertising but it is very important to know the functions that differentiate this environment form the traditional marketing environment (Pride and Ferrell 2004):...

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