Trifles Exploration Paper

Shantifiney Franklin

English 102

Oct 19, 2009

Critical Article of Trifles

Susan Glaspell

Susan Glaspell was born on July 1, 1882 in Davenport, Grand rapids. She began her job as am author of short testimonies of popular magazines like the Des Moines Daily. The girl cofounded Provincetown Players, an organization who countless experimental theatre. Glaspell can easily best become a director, feminist, author, and actress. Glaspell died in 1948 (" Biography” 1).

Trifles will be based upon a true account.

…”On a chilly December evening, in an Grand rapids farmhouse, Steve Hossack was sleeping in the bed when someone minted him inside the head with an axe. His wife, Margaret, stated she was awakened by noise of blows, which sounded like one block of wooden striking one another, but facts suggested your woman was the killer. Her motive, according to the authorities, was unhappiness within a bad marriage” Trifles 1). It was a little while until Glaspell 2 weeks to the write down thier play, and it was performed on August 5, 1916.

The personas in the play are the sheriff, the state attorney, Blooming, Mrs. Peters, who is the sheriff's better half, and Mrs. Hale. The sheriff as well as the county lawyer are there to look at, while the girls, who participate in the Girl's Aid, are available to gather a number of Mrs. Wright's belongings on her behalf because she actually is being kept for the murder of her spouse. The setting takes place on the abandoned farm house of the Wright family. It is extremely gloomy, darker, cold, and lonely (Glaspell 1046).

It is never clarified if Mrs. Wright killed her spouse or certainly not. Perhaps the girl suffered from a mental breakdown from the take care of her partner. She is identified as being sweet, pretty, timid, and fluttery. It would require a lot somebody of this explanation to devote murder (Glaspell 1053).

Over the play, Mrs. Hale stands beside Mrs. Wright although it seemed like everybody would rather secure her up and strengthen the key. Mrs. Peters provides mixed feelings about the situation. I think,...


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